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What is yantra?
How is it prepared for wearing or installation?

Yantra can be considered as the symbolic form of the immeasurable divine power of holy chants (manthras). It is the symbolized version of the deity of worship it self. The power of the deity fills the whole universe. But one can become one with the deity by wearing the yanthra or by proper upasana ( deeply dedicated meditation and offerings) Inscribing mantrik symbols and letter, bringing in divinity through constant chanting of manthras and offerings, yantra is prepared fit for installation or wearing.

Usually, in offerings in accordance with Thanthrik system, divine power of the deity is brought in and installed on ‘Padmas’. Padmas with natural colour powders have different ‘mandalas’ and drawings on them. Yanthras are of similar nature with a few exceptions. They are generally drawn on gold, silver or copper sheets. Colours are avoided. As in Padmas straight lines, circles, triangles and rectangles are drawn but on metallic sheets. A perfect yanthra includes ten organs namely.  

1. Jeevan 6. Yanthra gayathri
2. Pranan 7. Manthra gayathri
3. Sakthi 8. Prana Prathishta
4. Nethram 9. Bhootha beejam
5. Shrothram 10. Dikpala beejam
An yanthra can not attain its intended divine power merely through correct geometric inscription. It should be made divine in different stages. ‘Punyaha sudhi’ is the first process. ‘Saparivara pooja’ is the second phase for that ‘Prana prathishta manthram’ and charectric manthra of that particular yanthra must be chanted touching the yanthra. Yanthra can be worn only after finishing these process of preparation. Protection (raksha) , realisation of aim (karyasadhyam), destruction (nigraham) , recovery from illness (rogashamanam), stoppage of certain activity, (sthambhanam) Acquirement of something (aakarshanam) , get avoiding something (vidveshanam), driving away of evil forces (uchadanam), get the admiration, attraction, respect, approval etc. of some person (vashyam) are the objectives of yanthra wearing. Nigraham, Sthambhanam and Vidveshanam are ofcourse negative ends and so noble thantrik practitioner do not prepare yanthras of such nature.
1. Vaishnava Yantras
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  Shri Yantras Pooja

SHRI YANTRA”, the swastika figure represents the goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi. Among yantras it enjoys the highest reverence.
The Puranic legend is that once Laxmi retreated to Vaikuntha domain in heavens from the earth angered over some matter. In her absence the earth suffered all kinds of shortages, famines, droughts and improverishments. Lord Vishnu and Sage Vashishta tried to persuade Her to return to earth but failed. He would not listen.

Then, Guru Brihaspati devised the ‘ShriYantra’ figuration and advised its worship to attract Goddess Laxmi. Goddess Lakshmi returned to the earth and revealed, “ShriYantra is my foundation. In it lives my soul. So, I had to return.”
Shree Yantra is said to be the Yantra-Raj, the king of all Yantras. Sri Yantra related to Maa Lakshmi. Devotion of Sri Yantra blesses the devotee with all the fruitful results in his/her life. One may get wealth, property, wisdom, fame and reputation in the society. The native gets the similar results of its devotion as similar to the results of the darshanas of Teerthas (sacred places). Just by the darshana of Sri Yantra, all poverties and hurdles are removed. One may be blessed with peace of mind, healthy and wealthy life, and liberation from birth-death cycle. There is no other Yantra in this world equivalent to this Yantra.
Vaastu Doshas are get cured automatically, if at the time of starting the construction of a new house, Sri Yantra along with a silver coin, Druva, Haldi, Chandan, Pushpa, Akshat etc. is dig under at the Brahma Sathana of the plot region. Lit a Deepak everyday in front of Shree Yantra at your home, shop, office, factory or work place to get rid of loans.

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