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Maha Sudarshana Yanthram
This famous yanthra assures protection from the ill effects of super natural power, ghosts, the dead, black magic, wicked enemies etc. The person wearing this yanthra shall be honoured by every body. Wealth, agricultural prosperity, fame and every thing can easily be achieved by such persons. This figuractively compared to Kalpatharu and Kamadhenu.

Rajagopala Yanthram
This assures heavenly pleasure, wealth and attractive personality to those who wear it. Those who seek employment are advised to wear this yanthra

Santhanagopala Yanthram
Those who dream for an offspring should wear this yanthra and administer regular medicine package. Serpent curse (Sarpadosham), curse of dead grand persons (Pithru sapam) etc. those may hinder the birth of offspring should also be got devoid of, before wearing this yanthra, through proper thanthrik observations.

Narasimha Yanthra.
This yanthra acts against the ill effects of wicked black magic and enemic activities. This yanthra also assures recovery from epilepsy and like diseases and also protection from the effects of wicked planetary bodies. Narasimha yanthra improves one’s personality, confidence, efficiency and courage.
There are many other Vaishnava yanthras like Chathuraksharee Gopala Yanthram, Ashtadashakshari gopala Yanthram, Dashakshari gopala Yanthram, Vimshathyakshara gopalayanthram, Madanagopala Yanthram, Sammohanagopala Yanthram, Dhannvanthara Yanthram, Varaha Yanthram, Geetha Thrishtup Yanthram, Sreerama Yanthram an so on.

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