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Sree Sooktha Yanthra
This yanthra is prepared based on Sreesooktha of Rigveda origin. This yanthra mainly intended to acquire wealth and prosperity. Well being of offsprings, animal wealth and ownership of fertile cultivable land are also believed to be effects of wearing this yanthra. It is advised to install this yanthra in the home itself and do proper offerings.

Sree Yanthra.
It is believed that Sreebhagavathy (Lakshmi) would select the house where the yanthra had installed as her residing place and would shower blessings as landed properties, animal wealth and golden ornaments. It is advised to vest this yanthra at the time of laying foundation stone for house construction.

Ashwaroota Yanthra
This yanthra brings in both prosperity and public admiration.

Swayamvara Yanthra
This yanthra quenches all hurdles in the path of marriage of youths. So young people preparing for marriage are advised to wear this yanthra. This yanthra also brings in progress in every walk of life. It is said that person wearing the yanthra can win the admiration and appreciation of all the three worlds. Swayamvara yanthra is the product of the prolonged intense penance of Rishi Durvasas.

Aagava sooktha yanthra

If this yanthra is installed in a houses, there will be rapid increase in animal wealth. It is advised to keep this divine yanthra in animal farms and paultry farms to ensure progress and development.

Rik Panchaka Yanthra
Deity of this yanthra is saraswathy (Vaakdevi) person wearing this on golden sheet can enjoy kingly status among poets and literary workers. This yanthra also ensures eloquence in speech to those who wears it.

Yachandasamyaga Yanthram
The yanthra inscribed on golden or silver sheets is to be worn with due devotion on selected days to acquire wisdom, wealth, health, fame and life expectancy. They will also become dear to everybody and through in all branches of knowledge. They will also engage in activities benefitting society. Scientists and research workers are advised to wear this yanthra to achieve progress in their fields.

Shoolinee Yanthra
This yanthra acts against the ill effects of ghosts and devilish spirits. It also offers protection from black magic, deadly diseases and wicked activities of enemies. Person wearing this yanthra develops commanding power and leads prosperous and respectable life.

Bagalamukhi Yanthra
This yanthra ensures protection from deadly wicked activities of enemies. It also roots out financial liabilities.

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