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Shiva Yantras

Panchakshara Yanthra
This yanthra assures all sorts of prosperity and well being. It also fulfills all wishes.

Aghora Yanthra.
It is one of the most powerfull Shaiva Yanthras. It offers courage power to the devotee. This yanthra successfully checks adverse influences of planets, evils of enemity and ill effects of black magic.

Mruthyunjaya Yanthra
It is the most popular, effective and important Shaiva Yanthra. It gives protection from untimely death and offers recovery from deadly diseases. It offers defence from the evil activities of wicked ghosts and influence of black magic. Prosperity, Victory etc. are also ensured by this yanthra. In thanthrik classics, there are descriptions about the value and effect of
this yanthra. It is advised to wear this yanthra when a person is under the deadly influence of Sun (Adithya) and Saturn (Shani)

Mruthasanjeevani Yanthra
The yanthra properly inscribed on golden sheet and made powerful bringing in Shaiva divine power is advised to wear on the neck to avoid dangers and premature death. This yanthra offers both physical and mental health.

Sharabha Yanthra
It gives protection from ghosts, epilepsy and evil activities of enemies.

Veerabhadra Yanthram
Person wearing this yanthra is supposed to become famous and wealthy. He can win the respect and admiration of everybody. He may develop an attractive personality. This yanthra drives away the evil activities of ghosts and deadly spirits. Both bride and bridegroom are advised to wear this yanthra to maintain mutual understanding, deep love and prosperity in married life.

Maha Shaiva Yanthra
It gives protection from all deadly diseases and recovery from all mental and physical disorders. It hinders untimely death and ensures prolonged life. This yanthra brings in wealth, agricultural yield, animal, wealth. elephant, servants, worthful offsprings and good relations. In houses where this yanthra has been installed, there will be the graceful presence of Sree Bhagavathy (Lekshmi Devi)

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