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Maha Ganapathy Yanthram
It quenches all hazards come across in the course of life. It gives prosperity. It is advised to wear this yanthra in the period of ‘kethurdasa’

Hanumad Yanthra
Wealth, recovery from decease, relief from the effects of black magic are the result of Hanumad Yanthra. Those who wear this yanthra should strictly observe ‘Brahmacharya’ and keep mental purity. Victory in war, struggle, cases etc. protection from poison, robbery etc are the results offered by Hanumad Yanthra. Person wearing Hanumad Yanthra can lead a long and healthy life.

Garuda Yanthra
It acts against the ill effects from serpants. It is advised to inscribe this yanthra on coppersheet and install in the house to get devoid of fear from serpents.

Soura Yanthra
This yanthra gives recovery from deadly diseases like leprosy. It also gives the devotee divine brightness, bodily beauty and immense wealth.

Samvada Sooktha Yanthra
If this yanthra is installed in a house or place of quarrels and conflicts, everything will be gently settled. Unity replaces conflict. Public respect, beauty, attractiveness etc. are also offered by this yanthra.

Rinamochaka Yanthra
It attracts, wealth and prosperity and defends all calamities. It can materialise all desires and dreams rooting out enemies and thieves.

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