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What is Horoscrope

First of all, a horoscope is an astrological mapof the heavens keyed to the time and place of aspecific birth. It is a kind of a map that appearsas a two dimensional chart. It shows position ofthe Sun, the Moon, and planets at the precise moment of your birth. The earth moves from west to east & hence the Sun appears to move from east to west. The 360 degree circle of the zodiac is divided into 12 parts of 30 degrees each called the zodiac signs.


Each sign has special characteristics that mark and distinguish it from others. In setting up this astrological map for the birth of a native we divide the circle into twelve sections. These areas are called houses. Each house defines a SPECIFIC AREA. The first house concerns the native's personal identity. The second house deals wit the native's earning power or source of supply. The third house concerns the native's thoughts or sense of communication, etc.


The horoscope map, in addition to house areas and spatial designators called signs, also contains a third symbol—the planets, including the Sun and Moon.

While the houses of the horoscope identify areas of experience and the signs set the stage under which these areas of experience will operate, the planets act as symbols of force or the focus of attention bringing the other two elements together.


A correct interpretation of all these sky bodies exposes much about you. They could be thought of as weather conditions in the sky at the moment of your birth. You can treat this map as a guide of your personality. But it doesn't mean that all your life has already been decided. It's largely up to you to decide that. While you usually have freedom of choice or free will, the horoscope does reflect the natural inclinations you have, the lessons you have to learn, the issues to be faced, and the problems to be solved. These "weather conditions" shows the energies you've been given. The use that you make of these energies, or opportunities, if you will, depends upon you, the individual. In other words, the information learned from your horoscope may only give you some insights and understanding of the reasons why you behave as you do.

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